School Vacancy Management

As part of our website offering, or stand-alone, we have an online vacancies application system.

From the administration, you can list as many positions as you wish, control their status, and attach job descriptions etc..

Once a position is published, it appears on your website.
As applicants apply, you can see all of their submitted information, any other positions they have applied for, their CV and cover letter if attached and you can action them, this includes:

  • write a general note (internal)
  • send them a note (via email)
  • shortlist them (with personalised email)
  • decline them (with personalised email)

These actions can be done either per application or in bulk.

For applicants, it's simple, visit your website or subsite. They can see any open positions.
Complete all required fields (Approved application form with all necessary information) and submit their application.
They will receive a personalised confirmation email (you can set up an admin notification email also).